Home - First Aid Training

This course is a complete hands on approach to First Aid for the home. Ideal if you want to get parents, grandparents and older children involved and take 1 hour out of their day to learn new skills.

Programme Objective

This course covers five main topics so if it happens you can react quickly to a situation that may arise.

Outline Syllabus

There are seven modules in the Introduction to First Aid Course:

  1. Wounds and bleeding
  2. Stroke
  3. Heart Attack
  4. Unconsciousness
  5. Fractures
  6. Burns, scalds and poisons
  7. Hands only CPR

Training Method

All participants will have hands on use of bandage dressing and the recovery position. As all our instructors are frontline paramedics who add real value to the course contents.

Participant Profile

This course is open to anybody who wishes to gain a qualification in basic first aid. Ideal for business, clubs, social groups.

No. of Participants

Max 12

Training Facilities





1 hour